Don Ahern

Xtreme Cubes Corporation is part of the Ahern Family of Companies. We have approximately 3,600 employees worldwide. The group of business units includes Ahern Rentals, Snorkel, Xtreme Manufacturing, and other related entities.

The Xtreme Cubes production facility is located in Henderson, Nevada. We manufacture modular buildings that are designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled to form any size structure utilized for many different applications. The business unit was created out of necessity for our organization, to help with our need to find quick and flexible office space for specific applications.

Executive Team

Brandon Main
Brandon MainCEO
Chris Dean
Chris DeanVP of Operations
Phil Andersch
Phil AnderschBusiness Development Manager
Shaun Cahlan
Shaun CahlanBusiness Development Manager

As our modular cube solutions developed, we received requests from our partners and associates around the world to start producing similar structures for them. Now we are very successfully delivering projects that are ideal for many applications. Xtreme Cubes structures are typically built in custom-sized modular sections that can be put together into projects that range from a single cube to large multistory projects with 100’s of cubes. We design and engineer on a project-specific basis. Whether you need a robust steel frame cube built to last in very harsh environments, like the North Pole or in the Middle East or if you are looking for an energy-efficient alternative to a multi-floor stick-built project that incorporates all the latest technology and innovations, we have the solution.

Our team includes engineers, architects, and designers that are the foundation of our proprietary steel moment frame cubes. Xtreme Cubes’ attention to detail allows us to produce products that will last up to a hundred years. They will outlast any stick-built lumber, masonry, or any other type of product.



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