Fly Pie

Las Vegas, NV

Xtreme Cubes is honored and excited to be part of this amazing new project.

Anthony E. Zuiker, creator/Executive Producer of the hit television show “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation” and Scott Godino, Jr. (B.A.R. – Born And Raised restaurants/ Owner), are opening the world’s first “Drive-Thru Pizzeria with a twist – entertainment” in the greatest city in the world – Las Vegas. Henderson, to be exact.

Fly Pie is a drive-thru pizza restaurant complete with entertainment. Customers drive up onto what looks like a tarmac to order at this airport-themed restaurant that only offers drive-thru service. They then navigate the hangar, where one of seven one-minute Pixar quality 3D movie shorts plays for entertainment. Zuiker created animated characters such as “Lil Churro Tot,” “Mr. Heat,” and “Chomp,” who perform in animated shorts brought to life by Tremblay Bros. Studios. A scent machine even gives customers the aromas of pizza cooking or Oreos deep frying. The shorts swap out so customers can potentially see a different one during each visit.

Fly Pie uses a modular cubed kitchen created by Xtreme Cubes fabricated at the Henderson Xtreme Manufacturing Campus and then brought in as one piece of equipment.

Fly Pie is fully operational and in action delivering great food and entertainment every day. Be sure to visit them soon!

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